About Us

             The company MBV was founded by Boško Milinković back in 1989 as a private company for trade in spare parts for agricultural machinery. In 1993, Boško decided to devote himself to the production of parts in addition to the trade in parts, and that's when he acquired the first machines and started the production of parts. From year to year, the number of production machines increased, as did the number of articles produced in our factory.

             In 2009, the first complete agricultural machines came out of the production plant of MBV, and since then, in terms of the production of machinery, exceptional attention has been paid to product quality, both in terms of achieving exceptional results in the use of our machines, and in terms of the quality of materials and workmanship. so that they are extremely durable and reliable.

             The company's goal is for the name MBV on the machine to be synonymous with quality in work and quality in duration, and to become recognizable on the market as such. In order to achieve this, we hired leading engineers, improved the production process, used experience from previous placements of machines, consulted end customers and listened to their proposals and suggestions, and made mechanization tailored to our farmer.

             Many satisfied customers of our products speak about the quality, both in our country and abroad.