50% – 40% – 10% Returns. When will it be and what to expect

As we have learned so far, this type of refund will be intended for both farmers and companies and cooperatives.

Farmers will be able to compete in this competition by first drawing up a business plan, which will have to go through an audit and after it is approved, a request will be submitted that will include other documentation (estimate, request, business plan...) about which we will tell something more the moment the competition is published and the documentation becomes known.

What is specific is that farmers can apply for any equipment with a value of EUR 20,000.00 - EUR 50,000.00, while for companies and cooperatives a significantly larger amount of funds is decided upon request.

The budget is large and is financed by the World Bank.

50% are grants

40% is financed through a loan from the World Bank

10% is the participation that must be paid by the applicant.

This is a great opportunity for all of you who have an idea to improve working conditions and increase production productivity. Follow us for more information about this matter through social networks and join our Viber group where you will get the first information by clicking the button below

If you wish, listen to the entire panel discussion at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1OjsA75hKs


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