TOTAL BUDGET 100,000,000.00 rsd

The maximum amount that can be returned cannot exceed RSD 880,000.00, while the minimum value of the advance invoice must be 200.000,00 rsd. 

For farms registered in endangered areas or whose holders are women or persons under 40 years of age, grants for investment support under this tender are determined in the amount of up to 70% from the total acceptable investment costs. If you do not meet the above conditions, you are entitled to a refund from 60% where the value is taken during the calculation without value added tax.

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  • Cultivators, grubbers, underminers, planters, harrows, rototillers, rotary tillers, rollers for post-sowing soil cultivation, inter-row cultivators, disc harrows
  • Seeders for sowing cereals, industrial and fodder plants
  • Machines for soil fertilization (mineral fertilizer spreader)
  • Transport machines (trailers)
  • Plant protection machines (atomizers, tractor sprayers)
  • Washing machines with automatic scales, polishers
  • Calibrators, classifiers, sorters
  • Packaging machines, label printing equipment
  • Wood chips and tarupi
  • Shakers, namely other fruit and vine pickers, stone fruit gathering machines, mobile picking platforms, harvesting machines
    of vegetables and flowers in the field, elevators - carts for loading vegetables removed from the field, machines for tying cut flowers
  • Attachment seed drills/planters for sowing/planting vegetables and flowers

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    • MBV says:

      Dear All,
      You can get a refund, there is no age limit for farm owners. You can get a higher percentage of refund if the owner of the farm is a woman, or the owner is younger than 40 years old, or the farm is registered in an area with difficult working conditions in agriculture.

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